The new site will have a store and blog that will be updated on a regular basis.

  • The store will be a virtual gallery selling original paintings, original photographs and digital prints.
  • The blog will post updates and insights on current jobs and projects—as well as some select writings from my 700 page, three volume, The Imagemakers Handbook - planning on a mid 2015 release.

I am working on a few new projects—some of which are included in the site, while others will be added as they evolve.

  • TOM WAITS BOOK - a collection of over 200 pages of photographs. paintings, drawings, digital images and live performance shot—as well as conceptual images of everything from a Tom Waits jetpack to and x-ray of his suitcase.
  • DEAD ANIMAL PAINTINGS - an oil, acrylic, and watercolor meditation on our furry, feathered and scaly friends who have met their end by anything from a speeding car to natural causes.
  • SURFER PAINTINGS - a collection of studies on the spiritual skill of riding the waves.
  • HEAD PAINTINGS - boxers, zombies, clowns, misfits imagined from the mind's eye.
  • INSECT PAINTINGS - anything that crawls, buzzes or flutters.

Here we go.