I have begun working on the next album for the band MUSE.

I will be doing the photography, illustration, and designing of the package. I will also be doing some motion work that will support the still images.

To be able to collaborate with a global music force is a challenging and exciting endeavor. I have had the opportunity to do similar projects with Tom Waits, U2, Queen Latifah, and The Bogmen.

The album title is DRONES - a word offering a dark and intriguing exploration of the potential virtues and abuses that come with control, responsibility, and purpose.

A few steps involved:

  • contacted by the band's management, Q-Prime, which I've worked with a lot during several Metallica music videos.
  • along with several other imagemakers, submitted my ideas based on the band's themes for the album.
  • had a face-to-face with Matt & Dom from the band.
  • After a bit of time I was chosen to take on the project.
  • I was sent lyrics to the songs and listened to some tunes to get a feel for the mood.
  • Presented sketches of ideas for approval.
  • Now beginning work on some finished images.

What makes a job like this such a blast is the amount of creative freedom that is allowed by the band. With this freedom comes the responsibility to serve the intent of the music while also being able to express my vision of the sounds and words. Another thrill to this kind of gig is the chance to hopefully contribute some memorable images to the decades-long history of album art.

I am grateful to MUSE for putting their trust in me to visually support a project that they have invested so much time, effort, and creativity.

I will be posting developments along the way.